Good News to Raila Odinga as ODM Ally Reveals Percentage He Requires to Reach 50% Mark

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Peter Kagwanja has revealed latest reports on latest statistics that shows that Orange Democratic Movement leader only needs 5.2% popularity in order to win awaited presidential elections.

According to Kagwanja, Raila Odinga's popularity has been rising steadily from 10.79% from 1997 to 44.1% in year 2007 to 44.9% in 2017. According to this statistics that he has shared in his twitter account is that the former prime minister requires only 5.2% in order to win 2022 general elections.

Taking to his twitter account Kagwanja was quoted saying this, " Raila Odinga a PROJECT? Ridiculous mathematically speaking, the premier the man to beat. His Popularity is rising from 10.79% in 1997, 44.1% in 2007 and to 44.9% in 2017. He only needs5.2% to win! Respect the truth, it will set you free.

According to him, ODM leader Raila Odinga might emerge ha presidential winner if he continue campaigning with the same power witnessed in entire country.

According to you is it true to say that Raila Odinga requires only 5.2% in order to win? Kindly share your opinion on comment section.

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