How To Prepare Protection Remedy Using Local Egg Shell


To protect your self from your enemy using natural local egg shell without any harm.

There are powers which were being invested in our local herbs due to the lack of knowledge we don't actually know.

Today I'm to teach you how to protect your self using egg shell .

The reason why we are demanding local hen is that, mother of hen refuses her protection during the incubation period when covering effs prior to their hatching period and so spiritually speaks same volume.

Method used or process to follow for the remedy of protection:

1) go to place you think you will get a local egg shell and pick some yo your house.

2) grind it into powder form with a mortar and pistol or using the grinding stone.

3) store it in an empty bottle

3) charge it on a full moon night.

4) activate it by praying on it.

How To Use;

Spread some little quantity around your home or your properties for perfect protection from evil spirits.

It serves as a hedge that evil spirits sees them around, they don't dare cross their boundaries.

You will be protected from any spiritual acts.

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