" Mnacopy The Bahati's Kuchocha Ni Real " Thee Pluto trolled by a fan

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Robert Ndegwa alias Thee Pluto is a famous Kenyan young YouTuber who owns a YouTube channel called Thee Pluto tv . He is among the youngest millionaires in kenya living luxurious life and driving expensive cars . Thee Pluto is currently dating her ex girlfriend Felicity Shiru after they united week ago .

Today the fashion model has been called out by one of his fans on his Instagram post . Pluto had posed on a golf field as he said he was on the right place with wrong outfits . However one of his fans took to troll him on the comments section as she called him out for faking a lifestyle trying to copy the Bahati's and make it look real . However Pluto has clapped back saying that he is copying no one as he asked the fan to stop projecting his anger and failure to him .

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