More Accolades Pour In For Gov Zulum Over Borno's Perfect Distribution Of COVID-19 Palliatives

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More Accolades Pour In For Gov Zulum Over Borno's Perfect Distribution Of COVID-19 Palliatives

When you are good are good. History would always be kind to you.

#EndSARS palaver started like a joke and it soon gained international attention amid a nagging protest that defied all odds and lasted for weeks.

Now the interesting part of the whole #EndSARS protest saga was that we indeed saw the manifestation of the good the bad and the ugly. Funny as it sounds but that is the true reflection of our society.

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There must be the preacher(born again) the strategist and the BAD GUY who does not give a hoot what people think.

On the part of the protesters we witnessed all these, if not how do you describe the guy that proposed to the girlfriend during a protest, all what would you say about the ones that passionately stripped nude to protest police brutality? Abi the ones that went on a looting spree nko?

Then on the part of the Government, we saw some high-level detective moves similar to that of Jack Bauer were cameras were detected days after the Lekki Toll Gate SAGA.

Or how would you explain the awaiting of a presidential speech that finally made everyone speechless? Or is it the discovery of the COVID-19 palliatives in warehouses across the States?

Anyway, the Borno State Governor is currently the face of the COVID-19 struggle in Nigeria today over his superlative distribution of palliatives given to him to share for the citizens of Borno.

Who is a good man?

A good man is one who never fails to show his love for you, a good man is one who would always work to gain your trust, a good man would never cross the line and ensure you feel safe.

This is what Zulum is doing for his people, what a good man.

My people say if you wan chop frog make sure say the frog get weight i.e KPOKISH, that wast how the Governor shared the palliatives to his people.

Just see the way Zulum distributed his palliative to the loving people of Borno. (EACH).

1 50kg bag of rice, 1 bag of beans, full ORORO i.e groundnut oil, palm oil, cartons of indomie, bags of salt, enough Maggi and other MENDE MENDE and finally he topped it with transportation money to carry the heavy load to their final abode.

Wow isn't this lovely? No wonder Nigerians have passed a vote of confidence on the Borno State Governor.

The accolades are coming from all corners especially when some State Governors could only share 1 carton of indomie for a community...Shameful.

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We join millions of Nigerians in commending the Borno State Governor for the show of empathy with his people.

As we can all see the State did not experience a WAREHOUSE HEIST.

So Seven Gbosa for the man wey SABI.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

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