Thembinkosi Fanteni | Before and after


In South Africa we have had the privilege of producing some of the best footballers in the continent but sadly non of them have since failed to see our through in most international competitions. Let alone it is always one uphill battle just to qualify for a major competition. Most of our footballers dominate within the borders of the country where they go to reach cult status.

Taking about a South African footballer who has since went to reach legendary status, we cannot begin to name a few without the mentioning of Thembinkosi Fanteni. He is arguably one of the best of his generation, he had pace and mostly an eye for goal. As talented as he was, he may have played in some of the best leagues in the world with his only spell abroad in Israel.

Coming to the national team set up he was one of our hopes, one of the players we all depended on for goals. Sadly he would just disappear off the radar after finding himself without a team. There were then reports that he was going through financial difficulties. These shocking reports would further go to reveal that his wife was then the sole breadwinner in the family as Fanteni was unemployed.

The has since been a plot twist to that story, according to the famous YouTube channel 𝘍𝘰𝘰𝘡𝘣𝘒𝘭𝘭 π˜•π˜’π˜·π˜ͺ𝘨𝘒𝘡𝘰𝘳 Fanteni's wife has since decided to move out of their matrimonial home with her children. We have since decided to take to social media with the aim of finding some recent pictures of Fanteni and with a bit of luck we were fortunate enough to find a few.

From first glance it is evident that Thembinkosi Fanteni is currently going through difficult times. With reports claiming that Fanteni is now broke it is sad to see that he has not been offered any coaching job or any gig as a football pundit despite what he has done for the country. We can only hope that someday soon he will bounce back.

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