Election 2020: It Wouldn't Be Surprising Even If Angel Gabriel Was Our Witness -Afriyie Ankrah

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Mr Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, who is the former minister for Youth and Sports has said that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) loosing the 2020 elections was clear and they wouldn't be surprise even if Angel Gabriel was there to be their witness at the supreme court.

Afriyie Ankrah speaking on the key Point a program of Tv3 said that it was very sad and shocking when the 7 judges were not ready to listen to Mr. John Dramani Mahama who was the petitioner. All the judges were doing is for is to read long essays and try to confuse people.

In the view of Mr Mahama, no candidate polled the number of votes to win the presidential elections. He asked the court for rerun of the elections bit they did not adhere to his humble appeal.

Mahama did well for not sending any Pink sheet to the court because he knew even if he has, they would still have crucify him with his own truth. He is not daft to Concentrate on unreasonable arguments.

Even if the petitioner had taken all the pink sheets in this world and added Angel Gabriel as witness with Angel Michael as a technical advisor it will still have been same view. We sensed it early to know that even if we add Angel Gabriel to our case, they would have still not listen to us.

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