Political Analyst Predicts the Outcome of the BBI Referendum as Campaigns Kick off


Herman Manyora, a political analyst has predicted the outcome of the Building Bridge Initiative report referendum that is anticipated to be held a few months from now.

While speaking at TV47, PunditsNight program, the political analyst gave out his view on the outcome of the referendum seeking to amend the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, with which the campaigns are starting this week. According to him, the referendum will be passing overwhelmingly like it did at the county level and he thinks that the bill will not be facing any hurdle.

"There are no hurdles. Of course, there are legal challenges in court, and that we will leave to the court, will leave to Mamboleo the lawyers. But I do not think, a serious court, for example, can stand in a way of a process of this magnitude. It will be a hurdle of anywhere in the world, for a court to stand in between," Manyora told TV47.

But hurdles at the levels of politics, of course, people will throw things here and there, but I am saying and I want to repeat, If there was a person or a group of persons, intend on stopping BBI, it would have been done at the county," he added.

The analyst further argued that the only region that can stop the BBI is Mt Kenya but luckily, the vote-rich section passed the bill overwhelmingly at the county level.

Over 42 counties approved the bill at the county level giving it a go-ahead message to proceed to parliament and thereafter to a referendum.

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