Fetish priest storms popular pastor’s church, battle him spiritually during church service at Accra

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An enraged fetish priest decided to throw caution to the wind and take matters into his own hands, storming a church in broad daylight in full front of bystanders to battle a pastor and his church members.

According to reports, the event occurred in Accra Dansoman Agege, near the Central Mosque, when one Apostle John Yao Tsetse was fighting a fetish priest from Benin.

According to accounts, the fetish priest traveled all the way to Ghana to settle a debt with a woman who had come to him for healing, as well as to battle a man of God who was able to heal the woman he couldn't.

The video going viral on social media has been greeted with mixed reactions from internet users.

While many people were shocked by the episode and praised the pastor for overcoming the priest, others said it was staged. 

One individual speculated that it was staged as a way of promoting the pastor, with the fetish priest being compensated for putting on a good performance.

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