"Lipstick Are For Girls With Small Lips, The Rest Can Use Roll on"- Boy Jokes on Twitter


Lipsticks are however used by girls to beautify themselves. They colour their lips and it makes them quite different from their natural look. It influences the way they eat, talk and do anything with the lips expecially in public. There are different types, each to fit the taste of individuals. However, it is of no doubt that there are misconceptions about it and also a cry against it. While some believed that it is not good, looking at it from the religious aspect, others feel it is just a way to beautify and edify.

However, a Twitter user identified as Head Boy joked about it in a Twitter post where he compared lipstick to roll on. It is of not doubt that they are two different object as the boy tweeted. He said "Lipstick are for girls with small lips...the rest of you can use roll on". This is actually meant to make one laugh and amuse one but there could be a little sense in his creativity. You can scroll down to see how ladies commented to it

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