"After God Fear Women" See the Wedding Photo That is Causing a Stir Online

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A recent photo Of a wedding ceremony surfaced online, and it has caught the attention of quite a number of people.

In the Photo it appears that The bridegroom was posing with some beautiful Bridesmaids. Whereas the bride was Standing not too Far off.

However What is particularly interesting about this picture Is the somewhat questionable Manner In which one of the Bridesmaids placed her knee on the grooms laps in a very suggestive pose.

Happy look for yourself -

Since the wedding photo was shared online it has Caused about much reaction from Nigerians, As several people took to the handles to comment on the matter.

How do you look at what people said?

How do you feel about this, Do you think such action is proper from a TRUSTED bridesmaid? what could be going through the mind of the Bridegroom?

Finally Who is to blame for This?

Kindly, share your thoughts about this in the comment section down below. 

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