(Photos) Places To Avoid Muggings And Robberies In Nairobi CBD


Kirinyaga Road

Kirinyaga road is located in the downtown area of the Nairobi CBD connecting global roundabout and Ronald Ngala Street. It is known to be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians being robbed phones, handbags and any valuables. Plying this route requires everyone to be extra vigilant to their belongings.


Archives located along Moi Avenue being a popular place to all Nairobians as a meeting point usually attracts huge crowds as well as muggings. The place is parked during rush hours with all sort of people plying different routes. Be extra careful with your belonging when around this area and always be on the lookout for any suspicious persons.


Nyamakima is situated along Mwimbi Rd, Nairobi one of the biggest public service vehicle stages in the capital.  It harbors robbers who operate even during the day and are always alert to mug innocent passengers who might look careless with their belongings.

Uhuru Highway

Uhuru Highway cuts through the city from Nyayo stadium connecting Waiyaki way in Westlands. It’s a busy highway for motorists hence it’s a hot spot for car muggings of car spare parts like side mirrors. Motorists are advised to always take caution while plying this route at all times.

Landies Road

Landies road is well known for spare parts mugging and theft as it is along Kamukunji and Muthurwa areas. Cases of mugging at gun point have been witnessed here over the past to both motorists and pedestrians alike.


Just like Archives, Ambassadeur is a busy stage for people plying routes to the outskirts of the city. It is situated next to archives along Moi Avenue Street. Huge crowds are witnessed here during rush hours as well as robbers who prey from the sweat of innocent Kenyans who might seem unaware of their surroundings.

Globe roundabout

This should be the most dangerous place for a motorist to find themselves in the hands of robbers who usually wait for them along the flyover all the way to the roundabout connecting Kirinyaga road. Robbers usually lure motorists using different techniques which include breaking someone’s side mirror and when you lower your window down that’s when hell breaks loose. They snatch phones or any other valuables they can scramble for then vanish into the traffic snarl-ups.

Muthurwa Market/Haile Selassie Road

For shoppers who visit Muthurwa market, be extra careful as there have been multiple reported cases of mugging in this area. Robbers target shoppers whom they rob in daylight leaving them with nothing. They masquerade as shoppers and if not well checked a shopper finds themselves without anything by their side.

Whenever you are in Nairobi CBD, always be on the lookout and extra careful as you never know whos waiting to rob you. Mugging has been rampant since Covid-19 came into the country because many youths are jobless and the rate of unemployment keeps rising.

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