Benjamin's Baby Mama And His Three Sons Treated Harshly On His Burial Ceremony


Nitizens couldn't keep it calm when they learned that Benjamin's sister and some of his family members hired policeman to stop the rugby player's baby mama and his children from attending their father's funeral.

According to the sister when she was asked why they had to lock out her brother children from his funeral in exclusive interview with Tuko, she said that the media has bad mouthed her brother so much and, she is not going to speak about her family decisions.

The three kids and their mother Nyambura Nyaboke travel yesterday night all the way from kisii to kisumu just to share the last moments with the deceased.

Nitizens comments.

"Whatever that wicked sister did was uncalled for, children will always be innocent nomatter what happens, why hate them in such a manner," Rose Adama.

"Will blocking them bring him back to life or change the fact that he cheated on his wife and sired kids, why punish those innocent kids with nonsense, " Mariah Twirie

Share with us your thoughts regarding the decision of Benjamin's family to kick a way his kids from another woman from attending his burial.