Thika Town Resident: Is Kenya Power Waiting For A Disaster To Strike Before They Act?


Residents of Kiganjo (Thika) Muthaiga area are crying foul to the Kenya Power company Limited for turning a blind eye on them after they reported on some electric posts which are nearly falling. One of the residents who claimed to live just opposite from where the posts are claimed that he had called the Kenya Power Company severally but did not get a clear response.

Through a public post on social media, a post by an account owner who goes by the name "Thika Town Today" tagged the power company and asked them to kindly attend to the posts in Kiganjo which from the picture posted you would see that the posts are nearly falling.

It is not the first time residents have gone online to indirectly address matters pertaining power and the KPLC on their delays in matters that require quick responses. Some time back a mother and child were electrocuted by live naked wires in Kwale county. It was claimed that the staff were negligent on addressing the matter.


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