Wednesday Football Predictions To Win You Big

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Belgium verses Poland is one of our featured matches in our daily prediction, Belgium have won 2 of their last six matches, lost three and shared spoils once, they have never failed to score in any of their matches and only once have they failed to concede, four of those six have seen over 2.5 match goals. On the other side, Poland have won 5 of their last six matches and lost only once, also they have found the back of the net in all their six matches four of those matches seeing over 2.5 Match goals. With that in mind its clear where we can draw our line from. For our sure bet of the day see the link below the prediction list here.

Belgium vs Poland both teams score or over 2.5 match goals

Wales vs Netherlands both teams to score or over 2.5 match goals

Algeria to win at Tanzania

Congo vs Gambia half time draw

Scotland to win against Armenia

Tajikistan vs Myanmar over 2.5 match goals

Turkmenistan vs Malaysia over 2.5 match goals

Republic of Korea vs Thailand over 2.5 match goals

Gabon to win against Mauritania

Tokyo vs Fuji over 25 match goals

The link for our sure bet of the day

Remember these are predictions and we cannot guarantee that they will all go as predicted but based on our past predictions we can give an assurance of at least 90% , remember to like this post, follow and widely share and you’ll never miss a single prediction in future.

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