Fans Harshly React To Harmonize's Post


Tanzanian songwriter and music entrepreneur Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize is known by many for chasing clout whenever an opportunity is available. He has always involved himself in several controversies and this has always attracted so much negativity from some of his online fans.

As of recent, he has shared some video clips that have caught the attention of many of his fans through his Instagram stories section. They were just videos of his single life struggles that he experiences every day after parting ways with his ex- lover Fridah Kajala.

According to the videos he shared, he has said that because he is single, all he does everyday is warm food rather than eating freshly cooked food.

" Single life ni kushindia vipolo tu, " said Harmonize.

He has also gone ahead to share a video showing his HIV test results which came out negative. He added a caption to the video showing that he was now ready and free to move on to a new relationship without any fear. The reason for doing the test was to end rumors that were going around that he was being infected with the deadly disease.


After the videos going viral on different social media platforms, his fans and followers have not been pleased by his actions and this has attracted so many negative compliments from them.

Some of the comments from his fans are as shown below;

runnyrashy30; " Kama kaweka damu ya paka atoe damu live apime tukiwa tunaona, "

beautifulbabies255; " Pengine kipimo cha Angela"

Tanzania_fame; " ulikuwanae wakati anapima au unazunazua watu waview tu ache ujinga fanya mambo yanakokuhusu acha kufatilia maisha ya watu. "

tembo mkunaji; " Mausiano ndo nin wewe, andika mahusiano kijana ulikimbia shule "

lizplatinumz; " Angekua nao pia, angenyosha aseme nani mwenye ukimwi tuanzishe mahusiano ama? " .