5 Things That Piss Us Off: Men Take Notes


Often, the following piss off women in relationships:

A man fond of criticism

Mr. Know-It-All men happen to annoy most women in relationships.

Of course, a certain level of criticism is acceptable, but too much of it creates unhealthy relationships.

Even the most resilient women can be worn down by constant negativity from their male partners.

Such a relationship can deteriorate a woman's self-esteem, which can extend to other health conditions.

A Controlling behavioral man

Whereas some people think that men should control their women, it is a mistaken notion that wrecks most relationships.

Most women become uncomfortable with the controlling behaviour, which entails males being paranoid of male and female friends and the general aspect of their lives.

A man who does not make any efforts in life

Men think that they are the only people who get offended by women who tend to make no effort.

Well! Well! Well! Women also HATE such men.

It’s not about being superficial; it’s about making a bit of an effort.

This life requires cooperative partners who strive to achieve goals and dreams together.

A man who does not prioritize her

Women need attention. 

A man who prioritizes his friends, career, sports, and luxury at the expense of his woman annoys her.

Cancelled, rescheduled dates, and general lack of appreciation of your woman's existence is a major turn-off.

For the relationship to work, the man needs always to balance his priorities and his woman.

A cheating partner

Just like men, women hate cheating partners.

A cheating man who tries to justify his actions and blame you for it doesn't deserve you.

It traumatizes a partner, which can lead to physical, emotional, and intellectual problems.

Partners should get to the bottom of the cause and address it for healthier and happier relationships.

Nyarenchi kenya_public@operanewshub.com