Mix Banana & Cucumber Together, Then Drink It On An Empty Stomach Every Morning. See The Benefits


Cucumbers and bananas are two great foods to be used together. They offer plenty of nutrients and water content without so much sugar that breaks into the liquid. After all, fruits and vegetables have calories, and you risk consuming much more when you drink than you need when you feed. You will still be full of banana creaminess, but you don't overdo the cocktail.

Bananas also contain a smooth mixture without the need for so much milk or yogurt. You may use water to reduce the volume of milk you introduce to your machine.

The food is both vegan-friendly and paleo-friendly.

The ingredients:

2 bananas, peeled and frozen

1 cucumber

2 handfuls of spinach

1⁄2 cup of water


Enable the peeled bananas to freeze overnight to create a more creamy texture.

Add all and pulse to smooth in a blender.

If the fruit and vegetables are difficult to combine, you must apply a little more water.


Drink a cup single morning after waking up.

1. Provides body energy

This combination is a good source of glucose sugar, which gives the body a good amount of energy.

2. Visual sensation boost

Vitamin A is included in this combination that contributes to visual sensations and prevents eye defects including cataracts, myopia and astigmatism.

3. Keeps The Skin Hydrated

The mix gives the skin a healthy look of water, vitamins and minerals that resist aging.

4. Maintains proper Gastrointestinal tract function.

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