Dj Zintle found love check,whose the new man in Dj Zintle‘s life?

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Nombenhle Jiyane a 36 year old south african female from kwazulu-natal,Dj. producer,media personality, and business woman better known for her stage name Dj Zintle.

DJ Zinhle got tired of hiding her man they thought now is the time to go public about their relationship DJ Murdah Bongz,they tried but they couldn't do it anymore, you know when you love something when want people to know about them i guess thats what Dj Zintle and murdah Bongz felt.

Now that they two are no longer a secret, but they haven’t shared any pictures to confirm that they are couple like other couples do on social media.

Even thought they haven't shared much that doesn’t stop them from leaving evidence of few pictures there and there of their couple times.

As seen on Instagram before, the couple have taken pictures and share being at the same locations what a conscience

This time it seems DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz were having a braai and chill at home.

Bae the new man in DJ Zintles life Murdah Bongz showed his support by sharing a bottle of Boulevard Nectar Rose that was recently announced that DJ Zinhle was now the CEO of it.The two also shared identical stories of their legs inside the pool.

This rumour start about DJ Zintle and DJ Bongz being an item started in June, amid reports that DJ Zinhle had found love in the arms of the Black Motion man.

It started when DJ Zinhle posted a picture of flowers she received on Mother’s Day, appreciating the flowers babe sent to her, as we all know Dj Zintle was in a very ugly breakup, so fans asked themselves whose the lucky guy.

But then Murdah Bongz couldnt resist he shared a picture of eyes on his Instagram stories, which clearly looked like Zinhle’s but he got cold feed and deleted the post a few seconds later. However,DJ Zinhle had already seen it and not shy about her man, she then shared the picture with her friends.

Just two months ago , the couple shared the some pictures of a resort in Mpumalanga, indicating that they had taken a baecation together as a couple.

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