Photo| Respect Money, See How Bonang Matheba Was Before Getting Rich.

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If you trace any celebrity's life before getting rich, you will be shocked by how they looked at that time, especially those who grew up in less fortunate families. One fact that we can't deny is that money brings a gradual transformation in our lives. Even if a person is not really good looking, the fact that they have money makes them appear to be handsome or beautiful. That's the power of affording.

The thing is you are not ugly, you are just broke. just wait til you get some cash to spend, then you will see the real you. If you can take a closer look at some celebrities' pictures before they got rich, you will laugh out loud because they look like back in the days when they were poor.

The moment you get rich, you start affording some basics you couldn't afford before. You start buying clothes that make you look good, and you also start eating some healthy food that will keep your body in shape. One of the most vital factors that affects your beauty is the environment you stay in, that's the reason why people tend to relocate when they get rich.

We all know our favorite Socialite, Bonang Matheba. This old picture left many people in disbelief after it was shared on Twitter last night. This picture is proof that money does clean you up and makes you a better person. See the picture below:

See her recent photos below:

This was a massive transformation. Bonang has grown up to be a beautiful woman and not just any woman but a successful business woman, who's admired by a lot of people in the world. Now she has her own TV shows, a beautiful house and dozens of cars.

So If there's anyone out there who thinks, she/he is ugly or the doesn't feel comfortable with how he/she looks, then the person must think twice. You just need some money. Just wait until you get a job and everything shall follow.

Which other prominent person whose old pictures compared to current ones are evident that money brings transformation in how we look?? Leave your comments below.

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