Magix Enga Reveals His Illuminati Story Was a Joke

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Local music producer Magix Enga has been making headlines for about two weeks. This was after he claimed to have been a member of the Illuminati.

Speaking to YouTuber Presenter Ali, Magix claimed that his success was as a result of joining the cult. He narrated how he met a lady at Junction Mall who changed his life.

The clout chaser claimed that after amassing a lot of wealth at twenty-four, he lost all of it after giving himself to Christ. He claimed that he bought four cars after offering himself to Satan. Added that his studio was very busy.

Magix also said a lot of Kenyan artists and celebrities are in the Illuminati as well.

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, the producer claimed that the story was fabricated. And he was only taking Kenyans for a ride. Magix expressed his shock at the video still trending. "...How is this funny video still trending?..." He wrote.

He went ahead to add that there are no shortcuts in this life. Advising his fans to work hard and pray. " …No short cuts in this life 💯 work hard my friend and Pray. But illuminate is real to those who believe. I used to hear about them too just like you guys 😂 thank you for the views Thank you for the views. I released five music videos on my YouTube channel."

The producer asked his fans to tell him what he should change in his next acting. Since he has now become an actor.

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