Opinion|| 4 Underwears Every Lady Should Have In Their Wardrobe (Photos)

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As a lady, underwears are fashion items you can not live without. This is because of the need for you to protect your sensitive body parts by covering them. Another reason why you wear some of these underwears is to make your shape and body figure more pronounced and shapely.

Below are four different underwear you should have in your wardrobe. Take note that underwear are made to be worn under your outfit.

(1) Tighties: you should get one or two pairs of tighties. Tights are like regular shorts that you wear under your outfit. There are times where you may not want to wear your panties because you don't want those panty lines showing in your outfit, you can wear tighties instead.

(2) Body shapers or shapewears: shapewears are worn to make the stomach size appear lesser and make the hips and bossoms more defined. It is mostly worn by Plus-Sized ladies. Slim sized ladies can also rock these shape wears. It comes in different sizes and makes. You should go for the one that would suit you best.

Always remember that it is meant to be worn under your outfit.

(3) Panties: you can not do away with panties as a lady. You should have many of them in your wardrobe so you can be rotating them. There are different types of panties that you can make your choices from. We have thong panties, cotton panties, net panties and other types. Select according to your taste and occasion.

(4) Brassieres: just like panties, you can not do away with bras as a lady. It helps to keep your breasts in shape. You should have different types of bra in your wardrobe. Do not make the mistake of buying the wrong type or size of bra to avoid causing yourself discomfort.

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