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Huddah Monroe is not only a kenyan socialite but also a model and a business woman. Huddah Monroe is assumed to be the richest socialite in Kenya as she has her own line of cosmetics called Huddah Cosmetics. Huddah has style and class as she lives a lavish lifestyle and the cars she drives are not only fancy but also expensive. Below are some of the fashion ideas women tend to immitate from her.

Crop Tops

Huddah does not dissapoint when it comes to choosing the type of tops to put on.Her crop tops not only suit her because of her flat tummy but also because of the high waste jeans she puts on with. If you haven't noticed she likes putting on crop tops accompanied with necklaces.

African Wear

Huddah Monroe despite being a high class socialite she still values her african culture. She puts on Ankara's which are designed to her taste. If you haven't noticed she wears her ankaras outfits with a head scarf same design as her ankara dresses. The way she looks on them you can tell how stunning she appears to be.

Ragged Jeans

Huddah Monroe is a trouser type of woman.She rocks on trousers across the streets of Nairobi. She balances her outfit in trousers by putting them on with either a pair of heels or sneakers. She really looks great in ragged jeans.

GownsIf ever you are interested in getting an outfit to rock in a wedding or gala you should try checking out Huddah Monroe's photos. She wears stunning gown dresses what are bodycone in nature. She really looks stunning in them.

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