Adorable photos of Vanessa Mdee, a Tanzanian based musician that proves she is a real beauty.

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Vanessa Mdee is a singer and a song writer. She is also a media personality, rapper and a youth activist. She is one of the top female celebrities in Tanzania and her fame has also risen over the years in East Africa and Africa in general.

Unlike other female celebrities Vanessa Mdee has not been caught in any major scandals that would have possibly ruined her music career, she always tends to stick on her lane and as the saying goes, " minding her business is her full time job."

She is also known for being a natural woman since she has not done any modifications on her body. Vanessa is currently 33 years and she Is engaged to Rotimi who is an American based Nigerian singer and actor. Together they welcomed their cute baby boy on 30th September 2021 and named him Seven Olurutimi.

The following are her cute photos.

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