Reasons How Creativity Can Get You Through Stressful Times

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'Creativity can get you through stressful times' “Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous" There are days when nothing seems to cheer you up. Everything seems dull and pointless.

On such days, don’t consume, but create, for it has the potential to not only make your heart happy, but also re-energise your mind.

Here are 4 powerful reasons how creativity can get you through tough times.

1. You get to be a child again.

As a child, you never bothered about what other people would think. You were completely yourself without any inhibitions. No pretense whatsoever.

That’s what creativity allows you to be. A child again. You can let your mind run wild and create whatever you want! This will help you empty your emotions you didn’t even know you had, give you a solid break from the ever rising pressures of your adult life and give you a sense of a new kind of freedom.

2. Mindfulness.

When your past comes to trouble you or future brings anxiety, practicing mindfulness can seem like a task. In fact, you feel stuck up and lost. Such situations can be easily tackled if you can divert your mind to create.

When you’re creating, you immerse yourself in the moment, your focus becomes one pointed, unnecessary thoughts leave you and you start to enjoy the creative process thoroughly. You feel every minute passing by yet hours seem to fly away in a jiffy. That's the magic of being creative. It makes you feel content, accomplished and happy.

3. New Ideas Are Born.

You never know how a spark can turn into a wildfire. When you’re creating something, you open up your mind to newer possibilities, and ideas start to flow without you having to think too hard.

If you pick the idea that was born out of your creative process and put it into action you could actually transform your life.

4. You become a better person.

No, I am not saying you’re not a good person, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Creative process does this to you:

- Makes discipline fun.

- It increases your patience level.

- Allows you to embrace mistakes.

- Helps you develop a connection with your inner self.

- It deepens your relationship with others around you.

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