How to earn as you learn at campus.

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Alot of colleges students have free of time and yet they normally complain of lack of money at the mid of the semester or the entire of the semester.

At the end of the this article you will be able to how to make money at campus as you learn.

Here are some the ways you can earn money as you study:

1.looking and filling a market niche at campus.

Many campus students can look for a market gap in and outside campus.

This can be done by offering goods and services to other students.

you can start offering goods to them for instance by selling second hand clothes to them at a affordable price.

Also you can selling snacks to them you can sell snacks such as popcorns,chips, smokies, crisps,"mutura", selling chapatis, and ice cream to fellow students,also you can cook crisps and popcorn at your own house and sell at local shops in and outside campus at a wholesale prices.

At campus you can render this services to students you can start computer repair services, cooking chapatis, becoming mama fua,mama mboga, opening car wash services and starting makeup services at affordable fee to your fellow students.

2.Doing online jobs.

Many students need to use their available resources such as free campus wifi, laptops and smart phones to start doing online jobs such as affiliate marketing and online writing.For instance you start online writing by opening account from these online writing companies such as Upwork,fiver to non_academic writing and also you can open these accounts to start academic writing such companies include urocorp and essay shark.You can also do forex trading and transcription.

3.Earn from your hobbies

Earning from your hobbies only goes for those who might lack entrepreneurial skills and they know their hobbies very well.

students can use their hobbies since they have alot of leisure activities.such leisure activities include music where they can train others how to dance charging them a little fee, swimming also they can offer swimming classes at a affordable fee.

Also for those who love hiking they can prepare group of students together and charge them for a hiking trip at Mt.kenya, Mt Longonot.

Also for those who love acting can prepare local dramas at school hall and charge them entrance fee for those who want to watch their performance.

4.Getting income from social media.

Instead of using social media for entertainment purposes you can monetize your social media such as Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

This can be done by having many followers as possible and after that you can start running ads either from your local products or from other local business products.

5.Selling printed notes to your colleagues.

This is the most underrated way of making money at campus but you can do it since most students hardly attend classes.

Through printing the notes out and selling them as handouts you get a chance to make money.By also uploading the notes on platform such as notesale where they can download the notes at a certain fee this you can earn as you learn.

6.start a tutoring business.

This by offering tuition services to a local school in which parents can pay you as you have done a great job to their children performance at school.

Also you can teach your fellow colleagues a concept that they did not grasp at class and charging them a affordable fee.

They are so many business that a student can do at campus as they learn this only requires them to think outside the box and utilizing their available resources well.

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