Atwoli Sends Powerful Advice to Mudavadi

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Francis Atwoli has sent a powerful advice to Musalia Mudavadi asking him to stop competing with Uhuru Kenyatta. Atwoli is clear the competitors of Musalia are DP Ruto and Raila Odinga and not Uhuru, asking the ANC party leader to give the president a break.

Atwoli is clear we cannot have Musalia still undecided yet he wants to compete with the likes of Ruto and Odinga. Atwoli is clear Musalia is only looking for sympathy votes by fighting the president who is not a candidate in the 2022 general election.

Atwoli is clear we can only have leaders who are serious to win elections in 2022 and not any other leader. The Cotu boss is of the view that the actions of Mudavadi to fight Uhuru instead of getting to the ground to seek for votes is highly unfortunate.

Atwoli is clear leaders like Musalia must decide now or they will have themselves to blame come 2022 given it will be hard to pick up. However it's a matter of wait and see of whether Mudavadi will listen to Atwoli's powerful advice ahead of the 2022 general election and rise up to the occasion.

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