What Your Sleep Positions Reveal About Your Personality

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How you sleep?

Really? How you sleep could reveal characteristics about your personality? Sure, why not. Personality profiling is quite common. And a collection of studies have shown some of this information to be amazingly accurate.

How do you sleep?

Which sleep position is most common for you?

1.The fetus

The fetus This position should envision an unborn baby comfortably curled up in a mother's womb. Safe, protected, and unaffected by the ugliness of the world. In this position, you are lying comfortably on your side with your knees close to your chest, again, much like you would have done before you were born. The fetus is the most common sleep position of all.

If you sleep in the fetus position, you most likely portray a tough exterior when dealing with the world, but on the inside, you are sensitive and tend to overthink and worry. You seek comfort and security in the waking hours. However, you tend to be social and warmhearted, despite needing a little extra time to warm up to new people and environments.

Fetus sleepers are

.Tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside

.Private and protective

.Tend to over-think, stress, and worry

.Prefer security and comfort



.Need time to adapt to new environments

2.The Freefaller

The Freefaller Sleeping in this position is mostly done flat on one's belly with your arms up and tucked under your pillow. Or you may lay sideways with your arms out in a haphazard manner.

This position suggests a personality in need of controlling time, space, and resources. Your personality tends to feel you lack control over your waking environment. On the other hand, you tend to be bold and brash, and not afraid to take risks, however, seem to be more sensitive to criticism.

This sleep position is the most likely to cause uneven sleep, and the most disruptive sleep of all. In this position, research suggests you are getting the least restful sleep of all the sleep positions.

Freefallers are


.Bold, brash and to the point

.Sensitive to criticism

.Dislike extreme situations

.Gregarious and playful

3.The Log

The log In this position you are laying on your side with your arms at your sides and your legs straight down.

Your personality tends to be rigid and not very fond of change. You may frequently notice upon waking that you are much stiffer and sometimes your muscles ache. Chances are you slept with your muscles very tense. In daylight hours, you have a hard time relaxing and may appear to others as high strung and uptight. On the positive side, you tend to be social, trusting, and outgoing.

Logs are

.Uptight and rigid

.Set in their ways

.High strung

.Extroverted, social

.Trusting and tend to be gullible

4.The soldier

The soldier In this position you lay flat on your back with your limbs running parallel with your body.

You tend to be quiet and reserved, highly disciplined, and have great expectations for yourself and others.

Soldiers are




.Tend to be perfectionists

.Adhere to high standards

5.The Yearner

The Yearner You sleep on your side with your arms stretched out straight in front of yourself.

You are the most prone to be suspicious and cynical. It tends to be hard for you to make quick decisions, but once you've made a decision you stick to it. On the plus side, your personality is open, willing, and sociable.

Yearners are



.Slow at decision making, but firm once a decision is made

.Tend to be extroverted, social, and generally pleasant

.Generous and confident once they establish trust and faith in the motives of others

6.The Starfish

The Starfish This position is exactly as it sounds. Imagine a starfish flat, with limbs sprawled out in every direction.

This position reveals a personality that favors friendships and makes them a priority. You are a good listener, trusted adviser, and give great advice. You prefer to stay out of the "spotlight" and would rather be a quiet observer when dealing with groups. You are generous, kind, and love to help others in need.

Starfish are

.Good listeners

.Trusted advisors

.Kind, generous, and love helping others

.Prefer quiet power, and staying out of the spotlight

Did you find this information accurately reflects your personality? Do these sleep positions seem dead on, on describing your personality? Share your thoughts on the comment section.

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