Benefits of Ginger for babies


Ginger is a healthy natural spice that makes babies food yummy and comes with many other Henry. However some babies do not like the taste and if you much is put, it may cause heartburn. It is best to introduce ginger at nine months.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger makes food tasteful. You can use ginger for extra flavour in:

1. Soups

2. Sweet potato

3. Carrot dishes

4. Tea- boil it in hot water

5. Meat

6. Fish

Ginger improves digestion.

Ginger is effective for treating cold. Fresh ginger juice may be a better choice to treat cold.

Ginger boosts immunity.

Ginger protects against high cholesterol.

Ginger protects against liver disease.

Ginger reduces risk of cancer. Ginger has cancer fighting abilities.

Ginger regulates sugar levels.

Ginger is a natural appetizer for babies.

Ginger heals gastric ulcers.

Ginger helps in reducing nausea or motion sickness in kids.

Ginger helps fight bacterial infections.