How To Collect Your National ID Card at Any NIMC Center Within 24 hours


From an inquiry i made with observations at NIMC office. It was clear that a person can collect an ID card within 24 hours duration provided that an SMS was sent to you. And if you follow these steps properly, your ID card will be issued to you in a day.

1. Visit any NIMC center in your state: ensure that you go along with the following; NIN slip and smartphone to show that an SMS was sent to you. Open message inbox on your phone and give it to a staff. See an example below.

The ID code will be used to verify your identity. The 9am-4pm was to inform you that NIMC office open during that period.

2. On your NIN slip, read out the 11digits number and tracking identity code. Each and everyone has 11digits and tracking number on his/her slip. So read it out correctly.

3. Another additional verification will be made to avoid any future mistakes. This process is less than an hour.

4. You may be asked wether you want to carryout any thing, such as securing your e-ID and login to NIMC website.

5. They will give you a new ID card in a seal. Open the seal in their presence and sign necessary documents. Your ID card is ready for use.

Safety Tips:

1. Please keep do not lend your card to anyone.

2. Always keep it away from public unless necessary.

3. Avoid using your e-ID to login to unverified online website.

4. Use it only for legal purposes. And within 24 hours, your card will be ready.

Thanks for reading, please share this information with others.