5 Gangs Downed Up By DCI Following A Shoot Out Along Kakamega Kisumu Highway


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Cases of crime incidents in Kenya have increased at a higher rate across different counties here in Kenya. Majority of this crimes are spearheading due to some factors for example higher rate of unemployment among the youths hence leading them to adopt that act to cater for their needs.

Today five gangs have been killed by DCI, following a shoot out at Makhokho Ikolomani on the Kakamega Kisumu highway. The detectives found several phone accessories and other electronic gadgets which suspected to have been stolen.

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Kenyans on social media have elicited mixed reactions concerning that shooting incident and have given different opinions and thoughts. For example.

Some section of netizens have congratulated the police for the good work that they are doing inorder to maintain law and order in this country. Also some Kenyans have condemned the police act of killing by saying Killing is not a solution and they should find the best alternative ways of dealing with crime.

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