Life is like a bank Account, Samidoh

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Most stars and celebs use their pages and platforms to advertise their careers. The mostly use their twitter accounts, Facebook pages and also Instagram. 

Samidoh is among the followed celebrities in Kenya who is followed by more than one million followers. The mugithi and also the benga musician uses his page to motivate his followers as well as posting his advancement in his day to day activities. 

Muriuki wa Mucoki is his real name. Today in his Facebook message he posted and said that life is like a bank account. He went ahead and said that i Gods hands no one knows the balance of his or her remaining days .

The music star concluded by saying that for our life account to be active we should keep depositing the account with prayers, forgiveness and also obedience. Hope was also another item to be deposited in the life account. His fans reacted in various ways. 

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