Hausa Man Took To Facebook In Search Of Igbo Lady To Marry But See What Igbos Are Telling Him


Relationship is something of the mind and individual difference. What makes individual love certain people are not the same. Some people have preference for a particular tribe than another, but love conquers all.

Marriage is one of the most important things in Africa, this has made many people willing to get married. Good men or women can be seen anywhere around the country, not minding the tribe or religion.

There are many issues that people from North and South are having in Nigeria which have generated to level of not willing to be with people from a certain region. To many people, Hausa men are full of crimes and atrocities which are not always the case.

A young Hausa Man Identified as Abba A Musa Karaye has taken to Facebook in search of an Ibo lady to marry. This search has got some people to drag him online as a Facebook users Identified as Nonye Onwuka said his dream may come true but not for her and her children as they are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ.

See how Igbo are reacting to this Hausa man ambition.

Has a lady what can you say about the mission of this Hausa Man?