How KEMSA Bosses Made Calls With Each And Shared Tenders (Video)


The movie like story line at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authorities continues about the scenario that was experienced during the reign of the novel coronavirus pandemic. This is something that just erupted after what was claimed that there was some traces of misuse and vandalizing of public resources. It came after KEMSA was claimed to give out tenders to the people they new in a very unfair way for personal benefits. It's after some of the people who got a chance to grab the tenders had no sufficient experience in this field.

The owner of Briema Grains Limited Hassan Osman and Abdukar Ali had a major challenge to explain how the hot a tender of supplying grains. However, the had no any related medical experience in this.

According to turnovers report from 2019, it was revealed that Briema had already been paid in full by KEMSA without negotiation of prices. Thus was price for one million ply masks and 500,000 N95 masks together with 200 Personal Protective Equipments.

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Bennet Ventures was also awarded a tender worth 180 million shillings. The campany director Molly Cheruto wrote an intent letter to KEMSA on 5th April which was approved on 29th April. That's two weeks later.

However, the campany manager has lamented that despite KEMSA paying other suppliers in bulk, they have retained their bulk payments even after supplying the masks to them.