Unexpected|| ActionSA To Hold Prayer Session For ANC To Be Defeated In 2024 Elections

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ActionSA members in Tshwane are praying for the death of ANC as they prepare for the next elections.

ActionSA members from Tshwane said that the road to 2024 is rocky and they are seeking divine intervention. They have decided to hold a mass prayer session to pray that the ANC gets out of government. The councilor for the party Marcia Barron said that they believe that if they put God first the land will be healed. Barron further said as Christians in the Organisation they believe it is time God intervened, as they believe to be where they are is a calling to help the people.

Barron said that the county is rotting and people seek help and love, as the ActionSA wants to help the people regardless of color or race. She said that their mission is to get the ANC out because it has no interest in the people in its heart. They believe that the ActionSA is a big party that will go into a coalition government with smaller parties. A mother member Pastor Hannes Coetzee said that politicians have made empty promises which are not in line with the constitution. He quoted a Bible verse that says that " if my people will humble themselves and pray, I will heal the land."

The chairperson for ANC Eugene Modise said that if ActionSA sees something wrong with them they should pray for them. The campaigns are indeed ugly and everyone wants to be the best. These parties must work on creating relationships with the communities because blaming and giving each other naughty names and wishes is not the answer. Gayton McKenzie is doing a smart campaign in the Karoo if these leaders are really after service delivery they should start doing good work for the decaying infrastructures and roads and create jobs for this who are not employed.

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