Why It Is Important That SS 1&2 Students' Should Ignore The External School Certificate Examinations

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The latest information from the Federal Ministry of Education was that students' in the Senior Secondary School 1&2 have been banned from writing the external Senior School Certificate examination in all the unity schools, across the length and breadth of the nation.

This is a welcome development in the sense that many students all over the country are guilty of this act which is also supported by the Parents.

The ban should rather be seen as a step in the right direction to correct the jumping over syndrome from non certificate classes in Nigerian secondary schools.

Sitting for these Examinations in either SS1 or 2 usually prevent the students' who are involved in the examination not to meet up with the curriculum in their present school forms which are due to the distraction such examination have caused when they were away.

Even though, these set of students' are able to come out in flying colours, and are lucky to sail through to the higher Institution of learning, they are likely to find things difficult in their new school environment.

Finally the inability of these crop of students to succefully finish their secondary education means all the necessary details they ought to know before getting to the higher Institution of learning will elude them.

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