"My Husband Is Also A Soldier, Give Me My License" Woman Says After A Military Man Took Her License


A latest viral video circulating on Facebook and probably other social media platforms is making headlines at the moment. The video looks hilarious though especially with the kind of things the woman involved in the video said.

In this viral video that was actually posted on Hello Vybes Facebook platform or page, a woman was seen and heard exchanging words with a military man in the middle of a road in Ghana.

Both of them used the local language (Twi) to express themselves. The woman was actually very angry just like the soldier was. According to both, one of them hit the other person's car with his or her car. So with the soldier been an official might have used his authority to take the lady's car license.

The above narration was written based on what both were saying. According to the woman, "I was on path and you (Military Man) hit your car with mine. Me too my husband is a soldier give me my license."

The soldier was heard saying she wasn't on her path so everyone there can check for themselves.

It wasn't an easy quarrel between both but the pedestrians and hawkers helped by telling them to stop and take the matter to the police station.

Below is the viral video of both the woman and the military man exchanging words in the middle of the road.


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