Do's and Dont's Of Cleaning With Bleach


1. Don't Use it All the time

Bleach is very strong. Reach for it to whiten laundry or clean up body fluids like blood, vomit, or poop. It's also a good way to disinfect surfaces you touch a lot. That's things like doorknobs, countertops, or light switches.

2. Don’t Mix With Ammonia

This forms a toxic gas called chloramine. It can hurt the tissue in your eyes, throat, nose and lungs. It can also cause breathing problems.

3. Don't put Too Much in Your Laundry

Don't pour it directly on your clothes. And don't use more than directed that could damage them. Bleach is a good stain remover, but you can't use it on everything. It's not good for wool, silk or leather. Always check the label for directions on how to wash your clothes.

4. Don’t Clean Your Phone With Bleach

Bleach can damage the screen's fingerprint - resistant coating. It might be ok to use an alcohol or disinfectant wipe. No matter what you clean with, don't get any moisture near the openings.

5. Do Protect Yourself

Bleach can burn your skin if it's really strong. The fumes might bother your eyes and lungs. Wearing googles, a mask, and gloves helps. You should also cover your feet and wear long sleeves and pants. Remember that bleach can stain your clothes, so don't wear anything you really like.

6. Don't Mix With Acid

Chlorine gas forms when you mix bleach with acids like vinegar or drain cleaner. It's dangerous to breathe in too much of it. It might make you cough or wheeze. Your eyes, nose, and throat may burn.

7. Don't Use it On Metal

Bleach is corrosive. It can eat erode, or eat away metal surfaces. Don't use it on copper, stainless steel, aluminum or other metals. Don't use bleach to get rid of rust, especially on fabric. It'll just make the stain permanent.

8. Do open Windows and Doors

You should be extra careful with bleach if you have allergies or a health condition that makes it hard to breathe. That includes asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Opening windows or doors helps air out your home.