Judge John want everyone who is against force vaccination to help him expose the Govt. Read more

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Judge John Deed feels like this vaccine thing is just another plan for government to eat money. Judge John don't want anything to do with vaccine on his body because even government itself is confused about their vaccine.

Source https://twitter.com/vngalwana/status/1467453716185899008?t=nsm4stEYqZdVx3L0cJDdTQ&s=19

Judge John Deed asked everyone who is against the vaccine to send their questions about forced covid-19 vaccination as a reply to his tweet. Judge John promised that all these messages will get to Ramaphosa's task team. That way people can challenge the rationality of that intervention if task team fails to address the questions satisfactorily.

Judge John Deed dropped some of questions to be send to Ramaphosa's task team.

Questions follows:

1. What is the Covid-19 recovery rate (in %terms) by unvaccinated people in SA?

2. How many in the "unvaccinated" number in government stats have actually had one jab?

3. Show me scientific evidence that available vaccine reduces chances of infection of people who've recovered from covid.

Judge John Deed dropped many questions and he wanted everyone who have doubt about this vaccine thing to drop their questions below, to help fight government's decision of forcing people to vaccinate.

Do you think judge John Deed will win this case?, Share your thoughts about this matter. Don't forget to drop your questions also.

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