DATE RUSH: Ladies Would Fight Over You With These Qualities On Date Rush.


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Date Rush everyone deserves Love, but not everyone get Love. See guys, it's obvious both ugly and handsome guys all were rejected by Date Rush beautiful ladies, I mean they went on stage and came out of stage without a date. Well, there have been a lot of questions on how those guys were rejected. Have you gotten the answers or you are yet to...? 

Date Rush Review is a product of date rush which discuss all the drama from any of the previous episode. Yesterday was another review show and we had a package for you. 

5G-News is bringing you some petty mistake guys should avoid when on stage to increase their chances of getting a date.

1, Stop Genesis to Revelation Talk. When it comes to Love, everyone knows how the feelings is like but do not let that feelings overcome you to talk everything about your passed ex-girlfriend, your family, your Job and how you leave your life. Though, there are key points you can't omit hence know your limits. 

2, Stop been Fictitious. Any guy on date rush should not substitute affection for impression, be yourself and the ladies should love you for who you are. Let me use "Kojo" for example. He told Anita that, he came to date rush because of Ellen and if Ellen doesn't love him, he don't mind going out stage without a Date, yes!! Indeed he left without a Date brilliant!! 

When you didn't behaved well, Fatima would tell you "Just Gooo!!" hmmm!! Getting out stage becomes a problem for you. Learn.

Thank you for reading!! See you in our next story.