My headache as an MP is to wake up to see people who come to me for money to pay School fees, farm?

The way some Ghanaian citizens expect money from Political leaders is now becoming unbearable since some of them admit to the general public that their constituents usually rely on them for financial aid.

It is about time the Ghanaian citizen realizes that Political leaders are not charity organizations. Frankly speaking, you don't expect your President or member of Parliament to bring development to locality after stumping your financial difficulties on monies that could construct a road, Schools, hospitals and the likes.

Before this country can be fixed, the attitudes put up by some citizens towards our leaders must change. No politician ought to be an ATM machine since they don't use their own money but rely on tax payer's monies to settle some of these beneficiaries. If you don't go to him for money before he wins power, you should kindly remain the same and for them to be accountable.

This attitude of Ghanaians has given an opportunity to some political leaders to neglect their responsibilities as drivers of development and misappropriate public fund. Because, monies meant for the whole Constituency or country are given to some few people.

And this same attitude of Ghanaians has been a challenge to some of these political leaders. Coincidentally, the NDC's member of Parliament for Wa Central Constituency, Hon Dr Rashid Pelpuo has admitted this same fact from some of his constituents who visit him for money to perform funerals, to plough their farmlands, pay school fees among others. He laments this fact in his Twitter handle and asked whether we can change politics probably for the better.

This is what he said on Twitter

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