Untold secret of Bella on Date Rush exposed


A sister of the Date Rush fame Bella, has revealed untold secret of her.

Vanessa told that her sister has one daughter. Bella on date rush never told such a secret to the men she met.

The fame and Kodak had been in controversies and misunderstanding after the show. According to her, she said Ruth is an intermediary linking Bibi to her guy.

Recently, there is a rumour that the two have broken up. She said Kodak does not tell the truth and lies to her always.

Untold secret of date rush BellaBella and Daughter

Meanwhile, Bella who always lambasts Koda has a daughter which she has hidden it. Her sister, Vanessa also told that she is not 21 years as she told, but rather 23 years.

The fame also during the Date Rush Viewers choice awards angrily left the event after she lost most of the awards she thought she would take it so simple.

She is a journalist in Kumasi. According to Vanessa, her sister, she told that Bella was born there, and also gave birth to her daughter in the region.

Bella to be remembered had a date with Kodark at the Date Rush event, but the two birds was seen quarrelling all day long.

Rumors have testified that, the two are no more in a date as Bella and a new guy pictures and funny moments causes stir on the internet.

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