Radio Presenter Francis Luchivya In Paternity Test Drama With Former Lover


The supervisor is involved in a pilot demonstration of a father and his ex-girlfriend Patience Khasoa Wekesa. Luchivya has been suspicious of the child's real father since his name was ignored from the birth certificate.

The move gave her so much respect that she stopped putting the baby to bed and also blamed Khasoa and her lawyers for harassing her. Hillary Lisimba, Khasoa despised the sudden difference of Luchivya's heart after helping her with everything through pregnancy and birth.

"I informed him that the father's name only showed proof of birth but not the notice, which he disregarded and gave me a letter from a lawyer," he explained.

The administrator through his legal advisers has requested that the DNA test be approved for the place and season of his decision.

"The fatherhood of the child is an issue that is being asked for various reasons that have not yet been prevented by your inability to remember his name by a long-term birth warning number B1 AC 7483446 in this way raising doubts because of his omitted name," he quoted part of the letter from for Mayende and Busiega Advocates.

The bone of contention is that the TLO Legal Advocates, who are speaking to Khasoa, require Luchivya to continue providing as much as he has been doing until the DNA test will show something else.

They have decided that the trial should be conducted freely in the area agreed upon by Khasoa and Luchivya.

"Our client is unaware that the baby's father is in competition as your client, who is the baby's father, has been abusing the child all the time until a trivial matter for the baby's father has damaged his relationship with our client," TLO .

Luchivya's lawyers need a test taken before February 28 so the issue has been resolved and she is either continuing to collect her parenting promises or she will quit for immediate effect.

"Until the father issue is resolved through a DNA test as shown above, we urge you to immediately stop harassing our client mentally that he is the father of the baby but the father issue has not been tried and confirmed," the letter added.