No Evil Power Can Withstand These Prayers, Say Them Before Sleeping Today


In Jesus name, in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ my heavenly father I thank you for the gift of life to see the end of today lord be thou exalted in Jesus name.

Oh lord tonight take away any bitter water from my life, family and friends in Jesus name, let the water of sickness and backwardness not to locate me in Jesus name.

Lord Deuteronomy 6:23 says you brought me out of Egypt so that you may bring me to Canaan not to be a victim of life. Therefore tonight I boldly ask again to take me out from any forces of darkness hindering my destiny in Jesus name.

Father tonight let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in Jesus name.

I command every demonic strong man holding my breakthrough, peace, progress and laughter to loose and release them tonight in Jesus name.

Father I remember your words in (1 Samuel 17: 49-51) David had no sword, Goliath was destroyed by his own sword. Lord, let the weapons and plans of the wicked return against them seven times tonight in Jesus name.

Thank you oh God for answering my prayers for in Jesus most precious name I have prayed.


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