"Wakubwa Ndo Tunaelewa" Speculations As Rayvanny Shares This Picture On Instagram


Earlier this year, Rayvanny got arrested after sharing videos of himself with Kajala's daughter getting cozy together. He was released on police bond after charges were pressed on him for sharing a video of two without the consent of the other party.

We are not sure if the two cut off their union after the arrest incident.

However, 3 days ago assumptions were made that the two were communicating and acknowledging each other's feelings when Paula posted a picture of herself and Captioned, "I love you" while Rayvanny did the same a few hours later.

Rayvanny has gone forward to post a picture of two tigers embracing each other. This has caused speculations among fans. Fans questioning if the picture represented him getting cozy with Paula and asked him to stop the games and come out clear to the them to whom he is dating.

What is your view about the two. Might they be dating but keeping their relationship low key?

See comments from fans below about the post,

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