Man once tried to rob a bank after paying $500 to a wizard to make him invisible


When growing up, our parents taught us not to take gifts from strangers which means they don't trust strangers. You should not trust the strangers your parents don't trust.

Especially if a stranger claims to be a magician who can turn you invisible to commit crimes.

Sadly, one man in Iran made a mistake by believing a so called magician who claimed he was capable of making him invisible and he could rob a bank successfully without getting caught by anyone. The man was later caught as he tried robbing a bank. He said in court that he paid about 5 million which is about 290 pounds to a wizard imposter who gave him a set of charms to tie to his arms. The fake sorcerer made him believe that the charm will make him invisible and that he could rob all the banks he can think of.

The man's attempt started to go wrong as he entered in a bank and started to take money from the hands of customers, so they decided to act fast before he goes away with their resources.

The man told the court, ‘I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me.’

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