Spiritual uses of alligator pepper you never knew.


Every plant or herb created by Almighty God has its spiritual and physical application and uses.That was why the tree of good and evil was able to open the eyes of Adam and Eve and expose them to a different reality around them. Whether you believe it or not that is the reality. Having said this it is therefore important to know how to use or apply these trees and herbs in the right way.

Some people are suffering today basically because of some herbs or trees they mixed together without knowing exactly how to use them and where to apply them and even the appropriate time to use them. We don't use herbs anyhow. I always say that everything physical has its spiritual meaning. That's why every plant or tree can be used to solve a particular problem related to humans and even animals.

Alligator pepper is known in some part of Africa as the water of the spirits, as it is hard to cook without water. Most spiritual works involves the use of this wonderful tree alligator pepper. Below are some of the things that alligator pepper can be used for;

1. It can be used to cure spiritual diseases and sicknesses.

2. You can use alligator pepper when praying for spiritual favour.

3. You can use it to bless or curse someone ( note: you shouldn't use it for evil).

4. It is used to stop bad dreams.

5. You can use alligator pepper for gun free protection.

6. You can also use it to detect poison.

These are some of the uses of alligator pepper. In the next write up I will be elaborating on how to apply it proper to get the results for the above uses I have mentioned.

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