Female Tanzanian parliamentarian thrown out of parliament for wearing tight trousers.

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Wonders they say will never end, and Africa is the headquarters of such wonders. Yesterday, a female member of the Tanzanian parliament, was escorted out of the Parliament on the orders of the House Speaker, for the offence of wearing tight trousers to the chambers.

The female house member, Miss Cordester Sichale was asked to leave the floor of the parliament on Tuesday after a fellow member, Hussein Amar, raised the motion that she was improperly dressed for the day's activities.

When Mr. Hussein was asked by the Speaker to point out who he was referring to, he pointed in the direction of Miss. Cordester. Then the Speaker had no other choice but to ask her to leave the building and only to return when she was "properly dressed".

M.P Hussein claimed Miss Cordester's dress was in violation of the Parliament's code of conduct for dressing.

In a nation where freedom of dressing is allowed, it is totally improper for a male house representative to directly question the dress code of another, under the pretext that she is a woman, and therefore should not be allowed to dress as she wants.

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