'See What This Man Was Caught Doing With A Dog' (Photos)


Alcohol is one of the challenges the world is facing today. Nowadays people don't drink alcohol with caution, Most often people drink alcohol to ease pains and feel refreshed. If you ask people Why they drink alcohol they will give you one and two reasons why they drink alcohol. 

As you know, the world has not found a cure for convid-19, Yet another virus could arise if we don't trend with care. We know animals carry disease, all the diseases and viruses troubling the world today were all contacted from animals. 

HIV was contacted from monkey convid-19 was contacted from bat and now A man was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol was caught been licked by a dog.

After taking too much alcohol he slept off he didn't know, what was happening his dog was on top of him licking him all over his mouth can you imagine?

 If this man contacts disease from this dog he will spread it to the world. 

I think it's time alcohol should be banned entirely, I don't see anything good drinking and taking alcohol time for govt to ban it.

You can see what alcohol did to this man to the extent of losing consciousness. Any word for this drunkard.

Newsmark newshub-gh@operanewshub.com