Double Tragedy: Drunk Ambulance Driver Crashes With Patients In Kabarnet


Accidents are becoming a major setback in our country since through these accidents we get to loose very special people. It is very dissapointing how some vehicles which are least expected to be in road accidents do the unthinkable by being driving recklessly and later causing accidents.

A drunk ambulance driver yesternight crashed an ambulance with patients inside it. It is not clear whether he was ferrying very critical patients but we all know that to be ferried by an ambulance you must be in a very critical condition. It was therefore a double tragedy for the patients inside since they must have added other injuries to their already sick bodies.(Photo| courtesy)

It is however astonishing how the driver was handed over the ambulance to drive while he is totally drunk. All drivers should therefore abandon drunk driving inorder to avoid such embarrasments in the end of the day. Drunk driving has killed many people on these roads and we all know that. You life matters most than the alcohol that you choose to take.(Source screenshot)


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