Meet Mursi Women, Famous For Their Wooden Lip Plates – A Symbol Of Beauty And Identity

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They live in a remote part of Ethiopia called the Omo Valley. They are one of the few tribes left that still wear traditional clothes and accessories.

Mursi women are beautiful and unique because they wear lip plates made of wood.

When a girl is 15 or 16, her lower lip is cut (often by her mother) and a wet plug is stuck in it to keep it open until it heals. The length of the extended lip is up to the females. The procedure can take months and is very painful.

Girls who aren't married and women who just got married are more likely to use lip plates than older married women with children. Usually, they are worn when serving food to men, milking cows, and taking part in important ceremonies like weddings.

Girls who are not married may choose to wear labrets in public, especially if they are very large. A boyfriend or husband isn't supposed to sleep with his girlfriend or bride until her lip is completely healed. On the other hand, more and more modern men are sleeping with the women they like before they even get their lips pierced.

There are different ways to look at the lip plate. First of all, it's a beautiful sign. Second, it shows loyalty to the husband because it is worn with pride when meals are served to him. When the husband dies, the lip plate is taken off because it is thought that a woman's beauty fades after her husband dies. Lastly, the plate gives a clear picture of who Mursi is. If they don't have it, they could be mistaken for someone else.

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